Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pre-Launch for Created Balance - Special Pricing Now!

Online ordering coming soon.  Feel free to call to place your order if needed before the online ordering is in place (hopefully by the end of the week).
All sessions will begin December 1st.


You may also purchase gift certificates for time - if you purchase 3 hours ($120) you get 1 hour free for a total of 4 hours.  Or, just purchase each hour at $40 each.

Energy Package
5 Hours of Energy Work (Pay for 4 Get 1 Free)

Harmony Package
5 Hours of Stress Reduction Work (Pay for 4 Get 1 Free)

CHI Package
3 Hours of Coaching
2 Hours of Stress Reduction
1 Free Hour of Energy Work
1 Free Phone Support Session

Coach Package
7 Hours of Coaching
1 Free Phone Support Session

Direction Package
14 Hours of Coaching (Pay for 13 Get 1 Free)
2 Free Phone Support Sessions

Focus Package
21 Hours of Coaching (Pay for 19 Get 2 Free)
3 Free Phone Support Sessions

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