Monday, August 24, 2015

17 Things to Do Before Summer is Over...

See how many you can cross off before the last day of summer:

1. See an outdoor concert, play, or musical.
2. Spend a day (or a couple of hours) on a beach — preferably doing nothing.
3. Read a book for the simple reason that you want to read it.
4. Go camping. And consider leaving your cell phone at home.
5. Do a cannonball into any eligible body of water.
6. Eat a meal outdoors with someone you love to talk to. 
7. Get on a boat.
8. Take a hike.
9. Exercise outdoors.
10. Watch the sunset, and do nothing else.
11. Enjoy the company of a special someone, outside.
12. Get to know your city (again, or for the first time).
13. Hit an outdoor movie screening.
14. Take a weekend away.
15. Hone your cartwheel game.
16. Go for a walk in the rain — sans umbrella.
17. Take a book to the park and read.

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