Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dance for your health...

Dancing has been around since the Middle Ages, dating back to when kings and queens called on dancers to perform for their courts. There is good reason dance has stayed relevant through the ages. Have you seen the bodies of the professional dancers on “Dancing With The Stars?” Dancing can give you the body you want. But in addition, dance also improves your mood, sense of well-being, your mind, your propensity to laugh and it delays many of the effects of aging. Most importantly though, many types of dance are also load-bearing, cardio enhancing activities that strengthen your bones and give you an aerobics workout that flat out torches calories. The positive effects of all types of dancing are well documented. You can quick step for balance, tango to fight depression and Zumba to work out your entire body and reap huge cardio benefits.

The one thing to remember when doing something new, is to make sure it is OK with your doctor and that you start anything new with a trainer who can make sure you follow proper form.  Now, if you decide to just put on your boogie shoes and dance around the house while doing your chores, then go ahead, dance like no one is watching.  However, as stated earlier, please make sure what ever you do is going to be right for you and remember to start slow.


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